Gusto da Gianni restaurant, has existed for more than 20 years, in the hands of different owners, with each owner adding their own piece to the story of this beloved venue.

Today, Gusto da Gianni, is a unique place, with all the ambience expected of a traditional family Italian restaurant. Mixing superb food, using sourced Italian ingredients, and fine Italian wines, the present owners are committed to maintaining, and adding to, the dining experience expected by it’s wide audience.

Open for lunch and dinner, the restaurant consists of ground floor dining seating 55, and a sizeable private room on the first floor, seating up to 20 guests, comfortably.

With over 25 years in hospitality, most recently in SE Asia, and roots in this area, I, together with my experienced and talented staff, am here to serve both existing and new found customers.

Thank you for dining with us.